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Welcome to the

Texas  Band  of  Yaqui  Indians

"Lios Em Chaniavu"

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Welcome to the Texas Band of Yaqui Indians, a State Recognized Tribal Group under Resolution S.R.989. Our mission is to preserve the Culture and Traditions passed down to us by our Mountain Yaqui Ancestors. All Members have proof of Indian Ancestry on file with this office of the State of Texas.

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Tribal  Services

"Our job is to insure Tribal members find the Services they need for every State. Health and State programs, Scholarships and Grants, Tribal Programs for schools, and many other State and Government programs."

The Texas Band of Yaqui Indians are protected under the International Indigenous Rights Declared by the United Nations of 2016. We have the right to protect our religious and ceremonial way of life passed down generations. We aim to protect our Tribal Members from Cultural Discrimination

and scrutiny and to preserve our Tribal ways many have lost through Religious Colonization. The new war is to fight for our rights our ancestors suffered and died for, so we could be "Free Indians" and live indigenous like we always have.     

Child and Family Services


Tribal Law & Court

     Artisans and Authors


         Contact us

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The Texas Band of Yaqui Indians are proud  partners with the Department of Homeland Security.

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