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Once, Our people were displaced due to the genocides in Mexico and the Southwest, So many families were out of touch with their own people being treated as they don't belong anywhere or no tribe to reference themselves here in the U.S. legally as Native Americans. When Texas Band families got together in 1995 a decision was made as Mountain Yaqui protectors and descendants to help out our people in the U.S. when there was no where our Yaqui people could turn to.

Our Mission was to document them all through our Genealogy Dept. get them connected with their Culture and since then,

Many Tribal Members in different States can now get the education they need along with Healthcare in some States and Tribal Programs. The Religious Freedom Act allowed many of our Ceremonial People to be protected under U.S. Federal Laws, We have built our Judicial Court System, obtaining land for our Texas Band Reservation, Connecting with our Yaqui people in Sonora aiding the Pueblo of Cocorit ceremonial and school programs and working with Homeland Security. 

We have accomplished so much since 1995 and in 2021 we are looking into a great future for our people. 

Family and Child Services

As protectors, Our main goal is to make sure our Tribal children are well cared for, and for them to know we love them. We handle all Tribal Children cases in all States and work with Case Workers on a daily basis. We want to make sure our children have a good home foundation so they can have a good strong foundation to grow as great warriors for their people. 

Ceremonies and Clans

Our Traditions and Ceremonies makes us who we are as a people, Language falls into our everyday lives one learning word at a time. We promote our Language and Ceremonies through our Women's Sage Clan Society and our Coyote Society. 


We are a very wide spread people, Our peoples population covers Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. By Networking we can connect our Tribal Members to Language courses and History lessons of the Mountain Yaquis.

Our Elders

Our Elders are the Root of who we all are, We owe everything we know to them. They teach us our History, our Knowledge, and when they speak, we listen! we do not talk. They are more precious than any gold or silver that is why we make sure our elders are cared for. 

Artisans and Authors

Our Yoeme people are very talented! Their Art spans from

Painting, Literature, Bead working, Sculpture, Wood working, Mask Carvings, Jewelry, and Leather working.

We support all of our Artisans and Authors whos talents have taken them to all parts of the world. Our Culture is expressed in so many ways, Our Ceremonies, Songs, and Traditions all revolve around Tribal Art and Literature.  

Tribal Council

We reach out and connect to our Tribal Members through gatherings and meetings. Without the people we are not a Tribe so we must always make that connection for a people who were once displaced from history. Our job is to bring our people back to where they belong! their Tribe! and nobody is an outcast, what happened in history is not their fault. 

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