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Mia Perez Arroyo, A TBYI Member, was elected by the General Tribal Council as Chief Judge of the Texas Band of Yaqui Indians Tribal Court in May of 2021.

As a Chief Judge, she is responsible for developing and implementing TBYI Judicial branch according to the framework provided in the TBYI Constitution and Bylaws. Judge Perez Arroyo has over 20 years of experience as a trial attorney and currently serves as an expert in the field of Tribal Law.

Judge Perez Arroyo earned a Juris Doctorate from the UCLA School of law in 1999. She graduated from UC Berkeley in 1994 with two bachelor of Arts degrees: Ethnic Studies and Dramatic Art. She served as a Western Regional Representative for the American Indian Law Students Association, and as a Vice President of her law school’s chapter.

Before starting her own law practice in 2019, Judge Perez Arroyo was a Deputy Attorney General at the California Department of Justice. She served as a Lead Prosecutor under Vice President Kamala Harris while she was the Attorney General of the State of California.

“Under the General Supervision of the Chairman and the Tribal Council, I am Responsible for the overall administration and operation of the Tribal Court System including but not limited to: Civil, Criminal, Traffic and Juvenile Cases/Reviews; Civil Hearings; Arraignments, Joint and Separate Trials, Dismissal, Other Preliminary Matters; Maintenance of an ongoing referral system for offenders including completion or default of Court ordered treatment. Ensure financial accountability regarding collection of all court fines/fees and the Tribal Court budget. Supervise court staff. In addition, I represent the Tribe in all State, Federal, and International legal matters.”

Honorable Mia Perez Arroyo,

Family and Child services

Sylvia Rios

Sylvia Rios is a Child and Family Service Advocate, she works directly with the Tribal Court on the placement of our Indian children whether at households or at care agencies. She works with families to make sure the children are and will be in good hands. Every case may be different so it is important to work with Child Case Workers in any State to ensure proper placement of our beloved children.

Texas Band of Yaqui Indians

PO Box 12076

Lubbock Texas 79452

Family and Child Services

Attn: Sylvia Rios

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