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Tribal Artisans

Welcome to our Tribal Artisans page, Our talented artists and authors are unique and one of a kind. Our Cultural art comes in many forms and expressions from a brush stroke right down to the last bead. 

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Elisha Suarez, Texas Yaqui and Apache,
Has been doing beadwork for many years and has one of a kind designs using tribal cultural patterns. find her on facebook. 


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Healing Forest Jewelry
by Emily Begay


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The Beautiful art of Emily Begay stems from one of a kind protection "Kookam" necklaces known as Ojo de Venado or Maso Kookam. Other pieces are beautifully designed charms and necklaces.
"A number of my jewelry items go to support Native programs like the Navajo Water Project, Adopt a Native Elder, White Bison and Texas Band of Yaqui Indians" 

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Yaqui Tribal Author,
Monolin ('Manny') Moreno

"Scared coming full circle" An author’s account of his impoverished life and fighting with alcoholism and drugs, to finding his Indigenous identity as a Yaqui Indian, hidden from him until he begins the search for his heritage. Raised in the San Joaquin valley in Stockton and Livingston, California, the author overcomes his adversities to find his role in the Indian world, as a spiritual leader, in ceremonies and helping in the community. A powerful story of never surrendering.

Also "The Elder" a tribute to elders. It is about my years knowing these Native American leaders in the community around central California helping people recover from alcohol and substance abuse. It is an easy read but touches on the importance of elders in our society. and newest publication "Longview Road"

                                                     Order now and I will sign your book.



Embroidered Tribal Patches 4" diameter. Buy 1 for 10.00 or buy 3 for 25.00 Paypal orders only. please be sure and include your shipping info.

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Tribal Flag of the Texas Band of Yaqui Indians. double sided weather proof
in brilliant colors. Paypal orders only.
$150.00 ea
please leave shipping and contact info

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